Monday, November 5, 2007

Shortbread for President!

Tired of the same old candidates with the same tired lies? You don't have to throw your vote away on the lesser of two evils. No! Caste a vote for Shortbread! He is running for best softie in the 2007 Holiday Softies Awards.

Shortbread pledges a cookie in every paw, a smile on every face! If elected, he promises to spread cheer and general zaniness to all. He'll even help rake your leaves if you want him to.

Caste your vote at Softie Central:
While you are there please vote for Shortbread's friend Sick Doll, Bronchitis in the Worst Gift Ever category. She was made by my good friend Tracy.

Together, we can make a difference! Or at least have fun trying...

Creme Brule