Sunday, October 7, 2007

F is For Finally Fantastically Fall

You thought I'd say that F is for Foxes, didn't you? Ha! We foxes are never predictable.

I love fall. It's the time to rake (and jump in) all those gloriously tousled pull on your favorite sweat top and join your friends in a little friendly chomp into a crisp, sweet take a nap in the fading autumn sun. Yes, fall is supurb!

Alas, nothing gold can stay. (Foxes know lots of great quotes and are quite poetic.) Soon, the luscious days of autumn will fade into the blustery chill of November. That means that in the midst of the long walks, the pumpkin carving and the wagon rides, we all must do a little work. Sigh.

My list of "must-do" projects includes: putting out autumn decorations. There is no reason to rush from summer flowers to Christmas reindeer. I prefer artfully arranging cornstalks harvested straight from my summer garden but you could try pumpkin pyramids or hanging gourds. I like to check on my mums to make sure they are thriving and happy. Remember that mums, like the rest of us, like a good cold drink on a warm fall day. While I prefer apple cider, they like water. And fall is a good time to tackle some of those long-put-off restoration projects like reglazing the donuts...I mean the windows and touching up the paint.

However, the most crucial task you must complete...against which you fight the ever ticking to visit old friends before they head south for the winter. I happened to just nip into my neighborhood ice cream parlor on the LAST day they were open for service. Ack!

Remember your priorities and, above all else, don't eat all the ice cream. Save some for me!

Creme Brule

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