Monday, October 1, 2007

D is for Daily or Delusional?

Charles Torte told me that I am supposed to update my blog daily. Daily? Ack!

Look people, I understand you need me to rid the world of all these offensive misconceptions about foxes. I know you need my wit and my wisdom. I know that your flock to my blog, eagerly awaiting my insight, ever hopeful that I will let my award winning hot chocolate recipe slip.

But I simply cannot blog every single day. Sure, there are fox detractors who will say I do not blog daily because foxes are lazy, unorganized, irresponsible. Not true! I've got important responsibilities--mowing the yard, doing laundry, planning picnics. And how do you think I am able to provide you with thought-provoking blogs without moments of intense repose?

No, no. You will simply have to make do with a few posts a week. I'm sure you will agree with me that it is the quality and not the quantity that is of essence here.

Creme Brule

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