Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Tasteful Delight

I am in heaven! Well, yes, as a fox I am unusually blessed on the worst of days but today...Oh my! I have found a fantastic new restaurant: The Three Sisters.

I happened into the small unassuming cafe. It is located in a basement; the decor is...sort of Fisher Price Mansion? Heavy on the toys, light on the breakable china. The floor is painted concrete, the walls are painted concrete, the ceiling was....I think they had cobwebs in the rafters because of Halloween but maybe they just don't dust a lot.

Despite the decor, the food was amazing! They offer unusual combination plates like the hot dogs with pizza and corn on the cob platter, hamburgers with ice cream and cereal, and my favorite: fried chicken a la marshmallows. Yum! And the serving sizes! Wowzer! Just as you finish one plate, they whisk out another.

After dinner I was granted the honor of touring the kitchen and meeting the award winning master chefs. They are incredible! So cute, so friendly, so young! For working in such a small space, I heard remarkably little squabbling as they went about their tasks of creating their masterpieces.

Yes, I shall be returning to The Three Sisters. It was a remarkable adventure in cuisine. A word of warning though: on any given night the place is packed with dolls so don't be surprised if you're expected to share your table or sit on the floor. But what's a little unorthodox table manners when you can enjoy a banquet like this?

Sincerely, Creme Brule

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Wendy said...

I love it!! Great pictures of the cutest little chefs. I'd love to come visit your resturant some day. :)