Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

No, I am not six weeks early. And no the heat has not gotten to me although I do have to say that, as a rule, foxes do not like excessive heat. It rumples our fur and makes our tails look limp.

Today, is Thanksgiving Day for our cool Canadian neighbors. They realize that the end of November is no time to be driving (skidding) over the hills and through the snow-packed woods to Grandmother's house or anywhere else, for that matter. October is a much better time for a harvest celebration, even if the Pilgrims were late in getting themselves organized.

My friend Shortbreadarrived this afternoon from his home in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. He said that when he left Windsor, on the Canadian-US border, it was five below and snowing hard. I told him it was 88 degrees and sunny here in Michigan. Even after we got that old C versus F issue sorted out, he still felt faint.

We decided it was much too hot to roast a turkey. Shortbread suggested that any turkey unlucky enough to be standing outside today was probably already roasted. Clearly, the thing to do was indulge in a little ice which time we discovered that the best place to spend the day was actually in the freezer.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in Canada. May your ice cream be cold and your turkey frozen!

Creme Brule

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