Saturday, September 15, 2007

An Apple a Day

It's Apple Picking Time in Michigan! There's nothing I love better than heading out to my local orchard. Ahhhhh...the smell of dust blown in my face as I whiz 150 per hour miles on a rickety old wagon down a dirt path scant millimeters from the sharp skewers of apple tree branches bent on gouging out my eyes...

Actually, I had a wonderful time. The ride on the tractor was less than tranquil but once my friends and I were out in the orchard it was lovely--sun on the branches, beautiful red orbs dancing among the green leaves, that first juicy bite of crisp apple right off the tree....

Picking apples is an art form. First, you select the perfect apple: red, shiny, and a little pert. It does not have to be the biggest apple on the tree. Alas, it is usually the highest one. However, a true apple lover cannot be dissuaded by a bit of discomfort. You must risk life on limb to climb for the tempting fruit. But be warned! An apple tree may appear to be benign and trustworthy but they have a tinge of revenge in them. Climb carefully and don't forget to keep your insurance paid up.

Creme Brule

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