Saturday, September 15, 2007

Getting Started

A few months ago I was complaining that foxes are completely misunderstood. People think we're sneaky, dishonest, prone to a life of crime and untrustworthy around poultry. That might describe a fox or two but only the ones in elected office. The rest of us are salt of the earth.

My friend Chuck told me I needed a blog. I thought he said bog. I'm all for wetland ecosystems but I failed to see how that would change the opinions of the masses. Then my friend Lucy suggested a log. My Uncle Phineas lived in a log for years, apparently quite happy despite a few infestations of termites. I prefer my cosy cottage though.

Finally, I got the picture: a blog. Aha! Perfect. And so now I will introduce myself and tell you a little about my life. Hopefully, you will form a new opinion of foxes and help me spread the word: foxes are fantastic!

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