Saturday, September 15, 2007

What's in a name?

I am Creme Brule Fox. I live in a cosy cottage in the woods of Western Michigan. I like swing bands, good books, long walks, pumpkin pie and Sunday mornings. The only thing I raid is my own fridge. I haven't ever hassled a chicken although I did picket a processing plant once, protesting chemical additives.

You see? Foxes are just like you...except we have really awesome looking tails...and cool names....and we are snazzy dressers. But otherwise, we're like you...unless you are a no-good, lazy, dirty chicken-thief. But then if you were, why would you be reading a nice blog like this? Exactly.

Sincerely, Creme Brule

1 comment:

Aloutka said...

Creme Brule is fantastic name for a fox, and I completely agree with you: foxes should have beautiful names like this (like Franky Furbo, for instance) - and your is perfect for such a sweet fox.
Greetings and I hope we'll keep in touch.