Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just Plain Nutty

This afternoon I was deep in thought...okay, snoozing when CRASH! a branch fell, knocking me to the ground. Thankfully, I was pretty close to the ground already so I didn't have far to fall.

At first, I thought that the apple trees were still holding a grudge. I don't know why they get so miffed. They're just going to drop all those apples anyway.

It turns out that my friend Nutmeg was doing a little fall pruning and she accidentally dropped the branch. That's her story. With squirrels you never can tell. They've got a nutty sense of humor.

Nutmeg is a pretty unusual squirrel. Not only does she have a PhD in horticulture but she also has a cochlear implant. And she's fluent in both Signed Exact Squirrel and Signed Exact English. She spends so much time in trees that she even knows a bit of Pidgin English...or was it Crow?

Anyway, she's an exceptionally good friend so I overlook her little "jokes." Sometimes, you've got to see the forest despite the falling trees.

Creme Brule

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